Dream Chasin' in the Fab Lane

Yesterday after returning from my trip to Atlanta, I found myself in the midst of what some would consider a meltdown. I was overwhelmed to say the least. And while, I keep hearing people tell me that I make living the double life of a college student and entrepreneur easy, I will admit that it is nothing but. 

I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't say that I find myself immersed in my dreams and the building of an empire so much that sometimes school seems like it comes second. I know better. I recognize that school is the foundation that can never be taken away from, which is why I would never quit and will always give it everything inside of me but sometimes, it is hard.

Lately, I've been coming to grips with the fact that I will soon be #adulting in a new way. The college girls days will soon be coming to an end and my next steps are right before my eyes. The good news is that I have been preparing for these moments. Doing things like not acquiring things that would leave me in a great deal of financial debt and being steadfast in building my business. When this college life is over, I will have a foundation to stand on. The bigger question is where will I be standing?

While in Atlanta, my publishing company 13th & Joan, hosted an event in my honor.  "Breakfast with Jayla" was intimate and another opportunity for me to connect with new readers. It warmed my heart to know that my book Pretty & Educated was making a difference in the lives of others and it all made sense. 

I'm learning that no matter how hard or challenging life gets, our real #lifegoals should be to make a difference. That's exactly what I plan to do.  If you are not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, you are totally missing out. I'm launching new plans and you will not want to miss them. 

In the meantime, you have to get into these awesome photos taken by blogger Priincess at the "Breakfast with Jayla" event! More to come soon!






'Tis the Season for Love

This Valentine's Day, I'm Showing Myself Some Love

This Valentine's Day, I'm Showing Myself Some Love

Hey Glams,
Happy February! Can you believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner? While everyone is thinking about love, I must admit that I am too! I do believe that the love I speak of is a little different from most. This Valentine's Day, I'm working on loving my self. Self-love after all, is the best love that we can offer. The dating world has taught me so much over the last year. Trust me when I say that I have so much to tell you about that but of course, when the time is right. The greatest lesson that I've learned is that taking the time to love me is not optional. If I don't love me, how can I ever expect anyone else to? This last year of college has forced me to concentrate on many of the things that I like about myself. I speak in depth about this in my book Pretty & Educated. It seems like the world feeds us so many messages about being in a relationship. It is almost as if, we are not whole if we don't have a significant other. This Valentine's Day, I've decided to love myself and I want you to join me. Whether you have someone special or not, I say it's time that we loved and appreciated ourselves more. To kickoff my self-love campaign, I am launching "Jayla's V-Day Giveaway"! The giveaway includes a copy of my book Pretty & Educated and a $100 gift card from FashionNova! A good read and a new outfit is a sure way to show yourself some love. So, here are the rules:

1. Repost.
Visit my Instagram page and share/repost my V-Day post. The photo is the same as the photo you see here. Be sure to use my official hashtags #prettyandeducated #jaylasvdaygiveaway

2. Subscribe
If you're receiving this message, congratulations, you are already a subscriber, which means that you have a leg up on the competition!

I will announce the winner during my V-Day live stream from Instagram! Stay tuned for more details coming your way! In the meantime, be sure to repost the photo above as soon as you see it on my IG page! I can't wait!
Remember, this Valentine's Day, love YOURSELF


Are you reading Pretty & Educated? 

Are you reading Pretty & Educated? 

Love for Denim


You can't go wrong all denim, IT'S A CLASSIC! My go to look everyday would be a pair of jeans so you can see why this look is my favorite. I added a pop of red to add some fun to the look. I took photos around the city in New York. They have amazing graffiti walls that made the look even more amazing!


This is my ideal look and style. Sleek and classy! This style dress became popular when spotted on the Kim Kardashians. My dress is from fashion nova, they have a lot of different colors in this dress style. With such a basic dress I added accessories and some killer heels to compliment the look.


Today I went out in the town to enjoy the nice sunshine. I love the summer time because you can wear bright fun colors. My favorite thing to wear when the weather is warm is two piece sets. Not to mention they are so easy to create an outfit with. This two piece set could have been dressed down but being the glamaholic I am I had to pair this set with some heels. 


Stepped out of my comfort zone while at the same time staying in it. I love boyfriend jeans but they conflict with my feminine style. I am 100% a girly girl and my style reflects that however sometimes I like to switch up my style and wear something I normally wouldn’t.  


Today is my blogs birthday and it’s a celebration! I am stepping into the world of blogging. I am so happy to be expanding my brand. TheGlamAholic.com is a fashion blog I created to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every corner of NYC. On this personal style blog I will be posting weekly outfit inspiration, something like a fashion diary. You will get to see outfits I wear on a daily basis weather I am going to class or to a party. I highlight my everyday outfits as well as my experience in this city that never sleeps. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on all my posts!

xoxo, The GlamAholic